Bakirtepe Property is located north eastern part of Turkey, between Gümüşhane and Giresun Provinces. It sits in the eastern part of the Pontid Belt where Paleocene-Eocene Granitic rocks and Quartz Porphyritic intrusive rocks cut the Jurassic-Cretaceous Volcanic and Sedimentary rocks. Granite or other intrusive rock located at the bottom of Kazıkbeli has produced two types of mineralization, mainly skarn and hydrothermal.

Skarn type mineralization is formed along faulted limestone-intrusive rock contacts or within fracture lines where massive masses are found in this zone together with partly disseminated pyrite and very little disseminated chalcopyrite. Hydrothermal type quartz veins with low sulphides, very little malachite plastering, and may show quartz stock work in places. Silica caps in the area is a part of this system.

MTA worked in the field only for Fe-Cu mineralization. Detailed geological mapping, surveying and advanced drilling studies are underway by Polimetal ~5.000 meters drilled at 3 targets and further drill program is ongoing.