Lidya Madencilik | Social Responsibility
Lidya Madencilik

Lidya Mines San. ve Tic. A.Ş. and its subsidiaries are one of Turkey’s leading mining companies established for the purpose of mineral exploration and exploitation and committed to conducting sustainable mining activities in accordance with national and international standards at every stage of the mining projects it plans to realize.

Aware of our social responsibility, we aim to achieve the targets we have set within the framework of this policy, which we will review at appropriate intervals in order to make the necessary updates after changing conditions, while improving our performance by investing in people, information and technology with our stakeholder-sensitive approach and understanding.

Lidya Madencilik | Social Responsibility

All our employees are committed and responsible for social sustainability issues and are leaders in their behavior.

All Lidya Mines San. ve Tic. A.Ş. and its subsidiaries, including our relevant stakeholders A.Ş. and its subsidiaries in order to achieve our social goals while conducting mining activities:

Adopt and implement a management system approach that identifies, assesses and manages the social risks and impacts of our activities,
Comply with relevant legislation, national and international standards and other requirements on social issues,
To establish transparent communication with stakeholder participation in order to take effective applicable decisions and measures; to develop and maintain a constructive relationship by basing our activities on ethical principles,
Developing cooperation with our stakeholders to promote sustainable social and economic development and to add positive value to the region,
To work with a socially strong and sustainable culture and to ensure that this culture is kept alive by our stakeholders,
To contribute to the increase in local welfare by developing social responsibility projects in the regions where we operate, prioritizing education, health and employment, and to support the local community,
Establish and maintain effective, regular communication and consultation channels to ensure stakeholder engagement,
To handle and evaluate complaints and suggestions in a timely, fair and regular manner and to develop an effective mechanism for this purpose,
Identify and proactively manage potential social risks and impacts associated with our operations,
Respect human rights and the cultural values, traditions and customs of the regions in which we operate,
To increase the awareness of our employees and contractors and their competencies in practice through trainings and to continuously improve our performance,
To regularly review and update our Social Sustainability Policy

Our Vision, to be an innovative and agile global mining company.